Welcome to the Liberplay


Ban on our Instagram

Censorship of the web is growing every day, and this time it was our time and our Instagram page is now taken down. We hope to get it back, but in these days its more luck if such things happens! You can still find us in many other channels, such as Telegram! So you there!


What is Liberplay?

What is Liberplay? Liberplay is unique. It is the worlds first ALTERNATIVE streaming service, such as Spotify. We have 628 hours of music for everyone to stream, for as low as 7.99 € / month. We constantly add more music and podcasts, and we are working on the next version including an app. Support us and you will automatically support the artists! Stream to Bound for Glory, Brutal Attack, Code 291 or some of our other artists! Visit us today from computer or mobile phone: www.liberplay.com

Upgrade complete

We have now upgraded our servers and hopefully you will notice some performance increase. If you find any bugs or if somthing is not working for you, please report this to us at [email protected]. Thank you for supporting our Free speech initiative!


Server upgrade

We are currently upgrading our systems, so all functions on the site may not work as it should at the moment. During this day it will all be back normal again! Thanks for understanding! The Liberplay Crew


Streaming for nationalists

Nationalist music are constantly being banned from Youtube, Facebook, Spotify and so on. This is why we created Liberplay. In our streaming platform there is Freedom of Speech. Join us today and stream 3000+ songs! www.liberplay.com


Rebel Records soon on Liberplay

We are extremely proud to announce officially our cooperation with Rebel Records. Rebel Records is a German label with lots of high quality music, and Rebel Records content will soon be available to stream in Liberplay! Visit Rebel Records´ web shop here!



Liberplay is also in Telegram now https://t.me/liberplay

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