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Oi! A Ultima Thule tribute

Wow, what a day! Today we added this Ultima Thule tribute by Punx & Skins United Records. Stream it today!


Etnose – Hem & Härd

Amazing news here in Liberplay, today we present Etnose´s second release: Hem & Härd. As the first one, its a mix of poetical lyrics with an female singer, backed up by a modern electronic music.


Steelcapped Strength

Today we have uploaded Steelcapped Strengths’ album Live in Hellas, from Sniper Records. Stream it today!


What is Liberplay?

What is Liberplay? Liberplay is unique. It is the worlds first ALTERNATIVE streaming service, such as Spotify. We have 628 hours of music for everyone to stream, for as low as 7.99 € / month. We constantly add more music and podcasts, and we are working on the next version including an app. Support us and you will automatically support the artists! Stream to Bound for Glory, Brutal Attack, Code 291 or some of our other artists! Visit us today from computer or mobile phone: www.liberplay.com



Wow, 2 really good titles has been added to Liberplay. It´s Nothung – Nothung & Rock mot demokrati. Stream them today in Liberplay!


Sweet Misery

We now, finally have Sweet Misery here! An Endless Pride project, released 2021! Stream it today!


New electronic Swedish folk music: Etnose

Wow! This is interesting! The world premier of this new Swedish project called Etnose, and here in Liberplay is the only way you could listen to it! Etnose is electronic music based on various folk tracks, with a lovely female singer! There will be more releases of Etnose further on, so keep updated.


Flatlander & Pluton Svea

It was a while, but now we have 2 new releases here. 1st we have the Flatlander from the Netherlands, with their MMXX, and then we have the Sniper records release Battle shout by Pluton Svea.


Titania – Slutstriden

Another album from the label Sniper Records is here. This time it´s the last release from the Swedish band Titania. Stream it today.

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